Nov 19, 2012

Review: Pizza Hut - Italian Meat Trio Overstuffed Pizza

Pizza Hut's new Italian Meat Trio Overstuffed Pizza features pepperoni, Italian sausage, and pork sausage layered with marinara sauce and cheese, sealed between two pizza crusts and finished with bits of  parmesan and a blend of 7-Italian seasonings.

I paid $12.99 for one and the Overstuffed Pizza is the same size as a 14" large Pizza Hut pizza.

Since this is a layered pizza, I'll take a layered approach to this review, starting with the top:

Top crust - the top crust was slightly crispy and nicely herby. The little bits of parmesan don't add much flavor, but adds to the crisp texture. Not a bad start. It reminded me a little bit of a pie crust.

Filling - the filling was lacking. While the pepperoni and sausages provided enough flavor (in the bites that contained them), there needed to be a lot more cheese and sauce. The sauce in particular was particularly sparse and uneven. It felt like much less than what's on a typical pizza.

If something is called "overstuffed," you'd expect at least some filling to escape when you bit into it; I had no problems eating this neatly save for a few odd grease spots. A Hot Pocket has more stuff inside than the Overstuffed Pizza. Also, the filling was all clumped in the center and the edges were sealed, which left me chewing on doughy bread for a good third of the pizza slice.

Bottom crust - the bottom crust was a thick, dense, soft, slightly chewy, doughy bread. If the pizza had a nice heft to it, it was mostly due to the bottom crust and thick end crust. The bottom crust was filling and might have been nice dipped in some marinara sauce. Too bad there was hardly any sauce to go round.

Bottom line: Pizza Hut's Overstuffed Pizza is more like an over-crust pizza. I was pretty disappointed. There's too much bready pizza crust going on here and not enough stuffing. I'd say it's similar to cheese bread, but there's not enough cheese for that.

For the price, I'd rather get a similarly topped and slightly cheaper Stuffed Crust Pizza ($12).

Nutritional Info - Pizza Hut Italian Meat Trio Overstuffed Pizza
Serving Size - 1 slice
Calories - 660 (from Fat - 290)
Fat - 32g (Saturated Fat - 13g)
Sodium - 1500mg
Carbs - 65g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 27g


  1. That is an utterly pitiful amount of filling between those two slabs of dough. I barely even see any sauce aside from a tiny smear! With so much crust pinched together at the end, they should at least provide marinara dipping sauce if they're going to skimp so horribly on the pizza sauce... At least that way you feel like you're eating breadsticks instead of just endless crust. :/

  2. Who moved my cheese? LOL
    Thanks for the review. I'm going to skip trying out this pizza. The lacking of filling is a major flaw. It certainly looks like the pizza comes with a small amount of cheese.

  3. It just seems like a completely unnecessary gimmick, and one that doesn't even seem particularly intriguing. Was it Pizza Hut that did that double-decker pizza in the 90s? It was like a pizza tire with cheese in the middle. At least that was, like, "Whoa". This is just "Oh". Two letter difference means everything.

  4. Dammit! I should've used that over-crust line in our review of the Supremo version.

    Our pizza also lacked sauce, but there was a lot of cheese. Overall, it was a disappointing experience.

  5. Hahaha... yeah. Yeah, it was just mostly bread for me. Lots of stomach-filling bread. Pizza Hut needs to bring some of their oldie-but-goodies. Bigfoot pizza anyone?

  6. It was Domino's. I think they still offer it in some countries. The crust there is much thinner, so you get more flavor out of the toppings and cheese.

  7. did you eat the whole pie? i hope you ran a marathon afterwards :O

  8. Haha, no I didn't get the whole pie... I think I would die if I did so. One slice was plenty filling. I still have a few slices in my fridge...

  9. Pizza Hut came out with some cool novelty pizzas in the 90's, the Bigfoot, Stuffed Crust, the Big New Yorker. I feel their 2000+ creativity has been next to nothing. The only real unique thing I can think of was that Insider, with the 2 thin crusts with some cheese in between. It was nothing special though.

    The only good thing they had was the Pizza Mia's when they were $5. Those tasted great and were a helluva value.

  10. I remember Pizza Hut having a "Triple-Decker" pizza... 1996 maybe? I remember trying it and being somewhat disappointed. I don't think it was particularly bad or anything... I just expected more from something called a "triple-decker pizza".

  11. The UK and Australia get them, not sure about elsewhere, although here (UK) it's a cheese and herb sauce rather than melted cheese.

  12. Pizza Hut is a joke lol trust me I worked there for quite sometime

  13. Named WRONG should be called crust stuffed. the sauce was MIA (missing ingredient actually),meat and cheese made a miniscule appearance, and I think there was half a ring of onion that bounced on the crust (not sure if it was meant to be there or not). If you want to pay a lot for nothing this is the crust for you. I will never buy or eat it again. Good thing it is a limited time only their ingredients must have been depleted.

  14. This overstuffed pizza was whack

  15. My girlfriend and I tried this pizza last weekend and had the exact same things to say about it. Hardly any sauce and not enough cheese, which made the meat overwhelming. The name overstuffed is a joke. On the other hand, it was twice as good as the awful garlic bread pizza they tried a few months ago.

  16. "A Hot Pocket has more stuff inside then the Overstuffed Pizza."

    THAN, not THEN. Where did you go to school? We learned those very different words in the second grade!

  17. The quality and quantity of toppings varies greatly from store to store. Sadly, in many areas, it's the best place from which to get pizza delivered.

  18. That's actually a typo. I've fixed it, but thank you for kindly pointing that out.


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