Nov 23, 2012

News: Del Taco - Cyber Monday - Buy $100 Gift Card, get $50 in Gift Cards Free

Del Taco has some nice gift card bonuses and are doubling them through Cyber Monday (i.e. Monday, November 26).

The deals are only available online at the Del Taco Gift Card Store here and include free shipping. Check them out:

- Buy a $25 Del Taco gift card, get 2 free combo meal coupons.

- Buy a $50 Del Taco gift card, get 4 free combo meal coupons plus 2 free decks of Del Taco playing cards.

- Buy a $100 Del Taco gift card, get 8 free combo meal coupons plus 2 free decks of Del Taco playing cards and 2 free Del Taco Party Pong games.

The best deal by far is this though: Buy an online exclusive $100 Del Taco Black Gift Card and get two free $25 Del Taco Gift Cards(!). Yeah, that will keep a Del Taco fan fed on Del Taco for quite some time.

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  1. Great gifts for people you do not care for but for various reasons feel compelled to give the scum a gift....just send them to those scoundrels who do not have a Del Taco in their area.

  2. Which is better? $50 in Gift cards or 8 combo meals? $50/8 = $6.25. I don;t usually buy the combo meals-(except the $4 ones) what's the price range-any exclusions?

  3. I think the combos meals are around $5 and the coupons are good for small-size combos. The exclusions are Fiesta Packs and $4 Meals.

  4. the web site only offers 5 free combo meals for
    the $100 gift card, any advice

  5. This post is from last year... it looks like they're scaling back on the bonuses this year.


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