Nov 14, 2012

News: Domino's - $5.99 2-Topping Large Carryout Deal

Through Sunday, November 18, Domino's is offering a carryout special where you can get any number of large, 2-topping pizzas for $5.99.

The price is the same as the medium 2-topping promotion they've been running for a while, except for that promotion, there's a 2 pizza minimum.


  1. Actually for this promotion, you don't have to buy 2 pizzas. I bought 1 and I paid $5.99+tax. That ends on Sunday as you mentioned. After that, you'll probably have to buy 2 pizza to get the offer. I picked bacon and salami as toppings, yum..... :P

  2. I should have read more carefully. You do mention it isn't necessary to buy 2 pizza. My bad.

  3. I stopped by Little Caesars for the first time in a while and their $5 pizza is now $5.99, where I was at... considering that, a 2 topping Domino's large actually sounds like a pretty good deal.


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