Nov 29, 2012

News: White Castle Offers to Ship Sliders for the Holidays

This holiday season, White Castle offers to ship their signature Sliders from their door to yours. Through Saturday, January 5, 2013, "Craver Cargo" can be ordered via White Castle's online store in cases of 36, 60, or 84(!) sliders.

The sliders are steam-grilled and flash-frozen. You can choose from three varieties: Hamburgers, American Cheeseburgers, or Jalapeno Cheeseburgers.

Prices range from $127.95 to $170.95 and include frozen gel pack packaging and overnight shipping to the continental U.S. The White Castle website has some pretty detailed instructions on how to steam heat the frozen sliders.

I imagine these would be a little fresher than the frozen ones from the supermarket. A lot of the cost seems to  stem from shipping and packaging considering 100 sliders from a White Castle restaurant proper costs $69 (varying with location).

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