Nov 9, 2012

News: Wienerschnitzel - New Chili Cheese Tamales

For a limited time, Wienerschnitzel is offering new Chili Cheese Tamales on their menu at all locations.

The dish features a tamale filled with shredded beef topped with Wienerschnitzel's trademark chili and shredded cheese.

The move is a bit of a curious one for an American chain with a German name (interestingly, an entree they have never offered) not known for serving Mexican food.

Comments on their Facebook page regarding the new menu item range the whole gamut from outright rejection to jubilation, but it's already tallied 993 "likes" since November 5th.

Nutritional info not available.


  1. they do serve breakfast burritos and a chili cheese fry burrito.. while not authentically mexican, not that big of a jump to a tamale...

  2. I think that might only be at select locations. My local Wienerschnitzel doesn't offer any of those.

  3. Sounds like pretty good drunk food, but I can't imagine eating something like that when I'm sober.

  4. Why does not Brand Eating post about the Veterans Day specials for Sunday and Monday?

  5. I tried one a few weeks back. They're actually pretty good albeit small and a little pricey ($1.89 at the Wienerschnitzel I went to). It's just your basic pork tamale with chili cheese on top.

  6. I posted a link under "Items of Note" above. It links to a pretty expansive list of Veteran's Day discounts for our current and former military personnel.

  7. Happy day after Vet's Day!!!!!!

    The local parade was awesome and great fun!!!!!!


    Went to the American Legion afterwards and had a "home cooked" dinner there that was yummy.

    Baked pork, mashed taters, a yummy hot biscuit (yeah, just one) and a peas/carrots combo for the veggie.

    White gravy atop the taters.

    And bread pudding for desert that was also yummy.

    Swapped a few war stories but most of the talk was about military chow.

    Turkey Day is coming.... have a GREAT one, folks!!!!!!!

  8. just tried one today.. there was an even mix of all components...the masa was rather fluffy (i think they use corn dog batter, thickened).. nothing exciting yet nothing terrible.. and unless they lower the price, nothing i'll ever try again.


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