Nov 22, 2012

News: Papa John's - Half-Off Pizza Code for Thanksgiving Weekend

Papa John's is offering a good money-saving deal this Thanksgiving Day weekend: 50% off the regular menu price of any Large or Extra Large Pizza when you order online through 11/26/2012 and use the promotion code "50THANKS".

The code has to be entered for each individual pizza you order. It's a pretty good deal if you're tired of cooking (or leftovers) after Thanksgiving.


  1. Is that the chain whose owner threatened to lay-off folks due to the possibility of having to charge 14-cents more per pizza to cover the costs incurred by that "ObamaCare" thing?

    Just curious.

  2. Go ahead and boycott every store that cuts employee hours or lays people off when the Obamacare taxes kick in. The list is going to become pretty long.


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