Nov 22, 2012

News: 7-Eleven - Buy Red Bull, Get Free Coffee on Black Friday

7-Eleven is offering a deal to keep you energized and awake (or give you the shakes) while doing your marathon Black Friday shopping tomorrow. They're offering a free cup of coffee (or any hot beverage of your choice), of any size when you buy any size Red Bull Energy Drink (including the three new flavors).

7-Eleven is calling the deal "Grab a Can, Get a Cup" and it runs Friday, November 23, 2012 from 12 am to 11:59 pm at participating U.S. 7-Eleven stores (i.e. all day tomorrow).

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  1. No 7-11s hereabouts but I frequented the firm regularly when in Californis pre-1993.

    Their coffee was good and inexpensive back then. Still true?

    They also had some decent $1 burgers with various condiments available such as tomatoes, onion, spreadables in tear-open packets, etc.

    Those burgers had that "school cafeteria" taste I always liked... I believe the inclusion of soy or something as a filler made them taste that way.

    To make a cheese burger I placed a dollop of the melted cheese from the dispenser there for creating nachos. None of the clerks ever hassled me for doing that.

    Open 24-hours and the one in my area had a bathroom so it was a "center of activity/living" for the many of us locals forced to live in our vehicles due to the rotten economy, very high rents, etc.

    "Oh thank Heaven for 7-11" the ad jingle burbled.

    And this historical moment was brought to you from an old geezer grimly grasping onto those last luxurious moments of life before departing to wherever.


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