Nov 26, 2012

Neat! Starbucks Mug Makes You Think Your Vision is Going

Imagine this: you wake in the morning and walk into the kitchen still groggy-eyed and on the hunt for your morning cuppa Joe. As you reach for your mug, you have to blink several times because you see this:

No, your vision isn't going. It's just the Limited Edition Rodarte for Starbucks Designer Tumbler or as I like to call it "the blurry Starbucks cup."

The pixelated design comes courtesy of fashion house Rodarte and sells for $12.95 in Starbucks stores and online. I don't really care for the neon yellow lid (they describe the idea as "a dimensional design contrasted with a bright pop of color"), but it might be a nice gift for morning sleepyheads.


  1. Minecraft lolz epic

  2. I actually saw this tumbler in a store and it literally looks blurry in real life. I don't know how it manages, but it's kind of awfully amazing. O_O That doesn't make me think it's any less hideous though...


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