Nov 28, 2012

Review: Wendy's - Bacon Fire Roasted Burrito

Wendy's Bacon Fire Roasted Burrito is part of their "fresh made" breakfast test and features applewood-smoked bacon, roasted poblano chilies, red peppers, and onions with natural shredded cheddar and pepper jack cheese and scrambled eggs wrapped in a multi-grain tortilla and pressed. It's served with hot sauce on the side.

I picked up a burrito for $2.69.

Because of the panini pressing, the burrito was flattened and more like a sandwich in thickness. The press also created some nice, crispy grill marks that I much prefer over a plain or steamed flour tortilla. In my book, breakfast should always have a bit of crispy starch, be it sliced bread, English muffin, or, as in this case, flour tortilla. Furthermore, the burrito was wrapped in such a way that there was no excessive bunching of flour tortilla. Good stuff.

Inside, there's melted real cheese, flavorful, but slightly soggy bacon, sweet peppers, and omelet-like eggs. I liked the poblanos in particular; they had a really nice flavor. The egg was pretty standard with a uniform smooth texture; decent, but they could have been fluffier (or just fluffy even).

The hot sauce had a tangy, spicy kick that set off the rest of the ingredients very well.

Overall, I liked Wendy's Bacon Fire Roasted Burrito a great deal. It takes the standard breakfast burrito and kicks it up a notch with some small, but noticeable improvements.

Nutritional Info not available. 

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  1. Us decrepit, ancient, withered Old Coots can look back to a time when fast food menus rarely changes with even price changes very infrequent.

    The ongoing deluge of new this and that reinforces my opinion that the fast-food industry is overloaded with firms vying for fewer discretionary dollars and, maybe, a growing population portion pursuing healthier and/or less expensive dining options.


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