Nov 5, 2012

Review: Burger King - Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper

Burger King's Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper is like a Whopper with cheese, but with Wisconsin White Cheddar instead of American cheese, with bacon, and with red onions instead of white.

The price on the burger is $4.49.

I had some hopes for the Wisconsin White Cheddar, but it just wasn't very cheddar-like. It was mostly creamy with a texture like melted American cheese, but exhibited less flavor. I know cheddar doesn't melt very well, but between flavor and melting, I'll choose flavor every time.

The bacon added crunch to the burger, but could have used a little more flavor. The wideness of the Whopper works against complete bacon coverage because there are only so many bacon strip pieces to go around.

The produce was mostly fresh, except for the lettuce, where I received the some of the white and yellow leaves. The pickles had a nice, crisp bite.

Bottomline: Unsurprisingly, the Wisconsin White Cheddar tasted a lot like a Whopper with cheese and bacon. The main selling point--the Wisconsin White Cheddar was disappointing since it lacked any hints of cheddar sharpness to enjoy.

Nutritional Info - Burger King Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper (347g)
Calories - 950 (from Fat - 560)
Fat - 62g (Saturated Fat - 23g)
Sodium - 1660mg
Carbs - 58g (Sugar - 13g)
Protein - 46g


  1. Young feller, I will tell you about a time long ago... way back when out in Californy before I fled the place fo various reasons... and running from the law was not one of 'em.

    Anyway, I think it was the late 1970s and maybe part of the early 1980s that a hungry guy could mosey into a fast-food burger joint such as Buger King or Jack in the Box and order the BIG burger and that is whatcha' got... a BIG burger, unlike those mini critters tossed atcha' today.

    That BK Whopper was so BIG back then it really did take two hands to hold it.

    And the milk shakes.... order a BIG one and if you weren't in a hurry you could spend a half-hour or more sipping.

    A special treat for me was the BIG Wendys Frosty. I would order it by itself after eating the main course, whether I had the burger at Wendys or elsewhere, because there was so much yummy inside that BIG paper cup thing I needed to start eating when it was at its coldest. Even then, there was so much to eat that unless you wolfed it down and endured "brain freeze" I typically had to drink the melted remnants as I neared the cup's bottom.

    And the spoon needed to reach the bottom of the cup... that was a real spoon; a man's spoon.

    Sigh..... the younguns of today; paying so much more yet receiving so much less in return.

  2. I really enjoyed BK when I was in high school but nowadays it doesn't taste nearly as good as it did back then. I don't know if it's my taste buds that's changed or BK just doesn't care about how their food tastes anymore....

  3. Looks like Grampa's going on an insane rant again. Obviously he's been in the "home" too long to notice how portion sizes have gotten ridiculously large. Even I can remember how huge a Quarter Pounder was back in the day. Nowadays, everything except the value menu burgers are that huge. Back in the day, having THREE patties on a single burger was something unheard of! It's only a matter of time before each fast food chain unleashes its respective FOUR patty burgers.

    Sigh... the dementia afflicted old farts of today, making the Abe Simpson caricature a reality.

  4. I worked at bk during this promotion, and in fact, you did get the regular American cheese. The cheese that actually goes on the burger doesn't melt and has a strong cheddar flavor that takes over the sandwich


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