Nov 9, 2012

Frozen Friday: Jose Ole - Steak and Cheese Chimichanga

Jose Ole's Steak and Cheese Chimichanga is a lightly-fried burrito filled with steak and cheese.

A 5-ounce frozen burrito sells for about $1.

For the most part, these are cheap, convenient, and portable. They are a step up from the cheapest of frozen burritos and contain no soy protein mixed in with the beef.

The thing I hate about microwave cooking is that there is always leakage from burritos, pot pies, and the like. The insides never seem to want to stay inside. It's not so convenient when the the filling comes out the middle of a burrito.

I prefer chimichangas over burritos in general. The frying gives the flour tortilla a bit more flavor and more variance in texture.

The filling here was very goopy. It was tasty enough, but nonetheless goopy. Much of the steak were shredded strands largely lost in the mush. I got exactly one big chunk of steak and the rest was goop.

The cheese was nice melted and flavorful going well with the mushy filling. The filling had a seasoned beefy quality with a slight tomato tang and a hint of spiciness.

Overall, Jose Ole's Steak and Cheese Chimichanga was good in the flavor department, but lacking in the area of texture. It was a bit like eating a cheese and gravy burrito.

Nutritional Info - Jose Ole Steak and Cheese Chimichanga (142g)
Calories - 340 (from Fat - 140)
Fat - 15g (Saturated Fat - 4.5g)
Sodium - 620mg
Carbs - 38g (Sugar - less than 1g)
Protein - 13g


  1. These taste alot better then those 2 for $1 bean burritos.

  2. I love these but the edges always turn out rock solid when microwaved

  3. I remember when they were 4 for $1 when I was a kid. Not great, but oh so cheap!

  4. Yeah, they do tend to have a lot of tortilla at the edges.

  5. I used to regularly buy a different brand chimichanga at Wally-Mart.. a buck each for BIG ones and would cover the critter with tomatoes, salsa, etc. and delightfully dig in but... alas... sniff... SOB!!!!!!!

    The cubic-ton of calories and carbs led me to holding the quick-to-fix gustatory delight in hand while gazing at the info label and with a groan of despair place it back in the cooler and waddle off to the green bean section of the store.


  6. Not bad for a quick meal but I prefer to heat them in the oven as it get better results. They burst less there for me too.

  7. Yeah, I used to do that when I had one of those smaller ovens, but it seem a bit much to heat up a regular oven for one of these and I'm worried a toaster oven wouldn't cook it through.

  8. Texture? Oh there's plenty of texture if you like FAT! These are f-n NASTY

  9. I chanced upon this site while using google. It's almost as funny as "The Onion". amazing a website devoted to crap food. who wooda thunk it.

  10. Anne Charles SiperekTuesday, August 27, 2013

    Just had my 1st..not bad..for a starving,, broke woman LOL
    2days to payday. Stopped at Dollar General, closest gas wise. Got their white bread, dozen large eggs, something that looks like sliced yellow cheese, cuban coffee and this chimmi thing as a treat! I only spent 7.25!!
    Livin on the edge baby!

  11. These used to be very good. I have bought them for my family for years from Sam's. Recently, they have changed what they put inside. This is for the steak and cheese and also the chicken and cheese. We found that they are no longer using good lean pieces of meat to fill them. Instead there is one piece, usually about an inch square in size of nasty gelatinized fat goop. Also definitely not a piece of meat with a little fat left on it, like a trimming from a steak. This was not even recognizable as meat and jiggled like jello on the plate. The consistency of this if you happened to get it in your mouth before you noticed was like gelatinized meat flavored fat. Sooo gross! Sorry to be so graphic but this was beyond disgusting. If the company that manufactures these thinks they can cut costs by using (who knows what) to replace the meat they are wrong.Will not buy again, cannot in good faith recommend.


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