Mar 1, 2013

News: Subway - New $3 Six-Inch Select Subs

Subway is changing it up a bit this month. Instead of a Featured $5 Footlong, for March, Subway is offering a new $3 Six-Inch Select Sub and a Featured $6 Footlong Special in addition to a regular selection of $5 Footlong Subs.

The $3 Six-Inch Select Sub for March 2013 is the Oven Roasted Chicken, consisting of a base of oven roasted chicken with your choice of veggies and bread. The Featured $6 Footlong Special is the Buffalo Chicken, which gives you a base of chicken strips in a buffalo sauce, plus your choice of veggies and bread.

The selection of regular $5 Footlong Subs includes Black Forest Ham, the BLT, Cold Cut Combo, Veggie Delite, and Egg & Cheese.

1 comment:

  1. I think that you can say goodbye to $5 footlongs. Subway want you to pay $6 now, or $3 + $3.


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