Feb 28, 2013

Review: Burger King - New Smooth Roast Coffee

Burger King is offering their new Smooth Roast Coffee at 25 cents for a small cup for a limited time, so I popped in one morning to see if it was any good. The new coffee blend is custom-made for Burger King and features arabica coffee beans sourced from Latin America.

It's normally $1 for a small 12-ounce cup.

Like McDonald's, they add the cream and sugar for you (though I wouldn't mind adding it myself to get it just the way I like it). I asked for 1 cream and 1 sugar.

The coffee came at a good temperature; hot, but not too hot.

The smell was rather generic but smooth is a pretty good description for the taste. My coffee was rather inoffensive with none of the harsh notes you can sometimes get with some coffee, but there weren't any of the stronger notes you want either i.e. chocolate, floral, spicy, etc. There was, however, a good amount body, low acidity. and little bitterness.

Overall, I'd describe Burger King's new Smooth Roast Coffee as rather inoffensive and decently pleasant. It's pretty good for fast food coffee.

Nutritional info - zeroes across the board if you get it black. They don't list the info for cream and sugar.