May 24, 2014

Burger King Now Flame-Grills Their Sausage Patties... in Singapore!

I found out that Burger King recently introduced new combinations of their breakfast platters over in Singapore and I thought, "No big deal. It's probably the same stuff we get." That is, until I saw the picture... Okay, the platters are mostly the same as we get here in the States: there's eggs... potatoes... hm, tomatoes are a bit more British... and sausage... wait, the sausage patties have grill marks on them... THEY HAVE GRILL MARKS! They're flame-grilled!

Then I started thinking, "That's brilliant! Why doesn't everyone flame-grill their sausages?!" But I realized that it would be a pain to fire up the backyard grill for a quick breakfast sausage (although perfectly doable on a  not-so-lazy Sunday). The same problem doesn't hinder Burger King though since their grill is always up anyway, which begs the question: Why doesn't Burger King fire-grill their sausage patties everywhere?

Now they didn't used to flame-grill their sausages in Singapore. They used to do it standard like the rest of us:

In conclusion, yes, I'm a little crazy but Burger King now fire-grills their sausages in Singapore. With that said, I'm pretty sure I hit my exclamation quota for the month.