May 13, 2014

News: Burger King Serving Burgers During Breakfast

Burger King is now serving burgers during breakfast hours at 5,000 or so of their over 7,000 U.S. restaurants.

According to BurgerBusiness, at the bare minimum, Burger King restaurants that opt in to the program will serve a selection of lunch/dinner items including the Whopper (and its variants including the Double Whopper and Whopper Jr.), the Big King, Cheeseburgers (and Double Cheeseburgers as well as Bacon Double Cheeseburgers), the Original Chicken Sandwich, French Fries, and Apple Pie.

Previously, Burger King's lunch/dinner menu was generally not available (except at a limited number of franchisees) until after breakfast hours which tend to run until 10:30 or 11:00 am.

The moves comes as rival McDonald's offers a limited Breakfast After Midnight menu and mulls further expanding breakfast hours. While other chains, like Jack in the Box and Sonic, offer their entire menu at all hours.