May 27, 2014

News: Popeyes Brings Back Chicken Waffle Tenders

Chicken Waffle Tenders are back at Popeyes for a limited time. The chain's most successful limited-time offer to date features white meat chicken breast strips marinated in Louisiana seasonings and dipped in light waffle batter before a quick trip to the deep fryer.

An order of three Chicken Waffle Tenders plus a side, a biscuit, and Sweet Honey Maple sauce for dipping, are going for $4.99.

Popeyes first introduced Chicken Waffle Tenders last year as their nod to the sweet and savory trend in fast food. I liked it quite a bit and had it in my Top Five New Fast Food Items of 2013, although some of you thought differently.

Regardless, Chicken Waffle Tenders are back and will stick around through June 29, 2014.