May 24, 2014

News: New Bite-Sized Rice Krispies Treats Crackle Snaps

They've offered a mini version, but Kellogg's is now trying their hand at bite-sized puffed rice snacks under the Rice Krispies Treat name.

They're calling the new snacks "Crackle Snaps (I'm surprised it's not "Krackle" but I guess that would be too close to Krackel the candy)." It seems like Pop got the shaft. Maybe they'll make Crackle Pops popcorn next.

Rather than rice cereal stuck together with melted marshmallows, Crackle Snaps look to be fused puffed rice chips infused with marshmallow flavor and come drizzled with either caramel or fudge.

They're available in 1.75-oz pouches in convenience stores or in 12-count packages of .42-oz bags at grocery stores.