May 17, 2014

News: Coca-Cola Looks to Expand Freestyle Fountain Soda Machines with New Countertop Versions

You may have noticed the Freestyle Coca-Cola fountain soda machine at a number of fast-food chains lately, which let you add extra flavors, like Vanilla and Lime, to a selection of Coca-Cola beverages. But you may also have noticed that the machines are quite tall, which may not fit so well into the existing layout at your local restaurants. Which is why Coca-Cola plans three countertop versions of the platform.

The first two are designed for "medium volume" locations and can dispense 80 different drink choices. One of them sports a rather retro design that I quite like:

The second is shown above, and the third is meant for work break rooms or cafes (i.e. "low volume" locations) with a selection of 35 drink options:

Which do you like? I'm Team Retro for sure.

The new drink machines will start appearing by the end of the year.