May 12, 2014

Review: Burger King - Honey BBQ Chicken Strips

Burger King's new Honey BBQ Chicken Strips are their regular crispy-fried chicken strips tossed in a honey BBQ sauce.

It cost me $3.99 for an order of three strips.

The chicken strips were fairly fresh and crunchy on this go round (if they've been sitting in the warmer for a while, they can be a little dry and chewy). The breading is fairly thick and somewhat heavy. Like a lot of fast food burger chains, they're fried from frozen and feel somewhat similar to the ones you might buy at the supermarket or from your school or work's privately-managed cafe/cafeteria. They managed to stay crunchy against the sauce.

The chicken inside was cut a bit thin and wasn't too meaty. It was moist but not juicy.

The honey BBQ sauce goes well enough with the chicken but unlike most honey BBQ sauce, it's main note wasn't of sweetness but was instead rather tangy. Other than that, there was the requisite smokiness and a notable but slight amount of heat (usually fast food barbecue sauces tend not to be spicy at all). It seems to be a slightly different sauce than the Sweet Baby Ray's they use for the Rodeo Burger.

Overall, Burger King's Honey BBQ Chicken Strips are decent if you prefer your chicken covered in a fairly tangy barbecue sauce. The strips themselves were average but crunchy. Just bear in mind that these come at a $1 price premium over BK's regular Chicken Strips (for the extra labor and sauce I guess?). I prefer the variety of dipping them myself.

Nutritional Info - Burger King Honey BBQ Chicken Strips - 3 piece (178g)
Calories - 410 (from Fat - 150)
Fat - 17g (Saturated Fat - 3g)
Sodium - 1400mg
Carbs - 42g (Sugar - 13g)
Protein - 22g