May 31, 2014

News: General Mills - New Cheerios Protein Cereal

As more people look for protein-rich breakfast (read: Greek yogurt), General Mills introduces new Cheerios Protein, toasted Cheerios cereal with crunchy granola clusters.

Cheerios Protein is good for 7 grams of protein per 1.25 cup serving, plus you get an additional 4 grams with a cup of milk. In comparison, a 1 cup serving of regular Cheerios is good for 3 grams. Not sure why there's a quarter cup difference between the serving sizes (6 grams seems the likely number if we're comparing cup to cup).

There are two varieties of Cheerios Protein: Oats & Honey and Cinnamon Almond.

Oats & Honey features a combination of oat and honey sweetened oat cereals with oat granola clusters and honey. A bulk of the protein comes from soy protein and lentils in the clusters.

Cinnamon Almond consists of a mix of sweetened oat and corn cereals with almond granola clusters and cinnamon. It gets most of its protein from almonds and soy protein isolate in the granola clusters.

Cheerios Protein is available at retailer nationwide in 14.1-oz boxes.