May 10, 2014

Around the World: Burger King Malaysia - New Godzilla Burgers

As a promotional tie-in with the upcoming Godzilla movie, Burger King Malaysia recently introduced new, limited-time Raksasa Burgers.

Raksasa means "giant" or "monster" in colloquial usage in Malaysia.

While the burgers aren't quite giant, they are stackable up to three crispy chicken or beef patties along with "monster" tortilla chips, barbecue sauce, and mayo. The triple stack option also comes with cheese.

Continuing the theme, there's also a Raksasa Wrap and Raksasa Milo drink.

The Raksasa Wrap features a crispy chicken patty, onions, barbecue sauce, mayo, and "monster" tortilla chips, while the Raksasa Milo drink is a Milo milk chocolate drink topped with Milo powder (i.e. the same stuff you put into milk or water to make the drink) and Koko Krunch chocolate cereal.

Personally, I think they should have at least gone with claw-shaped chips.

Photos: Burger King Malaysia