May 14, 2014

Review: Church's Chicken - Spicier Spicy Chicken Tender Strips

Church's Chicken recently brought back their Spicier Spicy Chicken and Tender Strips for a limited-time. Basically, it's a spicier version of their regular menu spicy fried chicken and strips. The company states that they're marinated for 12 hours and prepared fresh in small batches.

I picked up an order of 3 Spicier Spicy Chicken Tender Strips plus a honey butter biscuit for $2.99 on a special promo.

My order came fresh out of the fryer but, as you can see, they did not quite achieve the crispy, flaky texture of Church's regular chicken strips. In fact, the batter was not crispy at all. There were also clumps of chili powder (or the like) scattered along the surface.

Sure enough, Church's Spicier Spicy Chicken Tender Strips are seriously spicy! They're also pretty salty and the more subtle seasonings were pretty much obliterated by the heat. But what made them hard to eat was the excessive clumps of chili powder, which tended to cause coughing fits as I ate.

The chicken inside was moist enough but not particularly tender or juicy on this occasion.

Overall, my experience with Church's Spicier Chicken Tender Strips was rather lackluster. The batter didn't quite achieve the crispy flakiness of their normal strips and the choke-inducing chili powder made it difficult to eat. You might try braving it if you're looking for the spiciest chicken from any of the major fast food chicken chains though.

Nutritional info not available.