May 19, 2014

News: McDonald's Offers New World Cup Family Meal in Southern California

McDonald's is offering a World Cup-themed, boxed family meal that they're calling the "$15 Mickey D's Value Pack" here in Southern California.

The $15 Mickey D's Value Pack comes in a World Cup-themed box and includes:
  • 4 McChicken Sandwiches
  • 4 Cheeseburgers
  • a 20-piece order of Chicken McNuggets
  • 4 Medium Soft Drinks
Given that the McChicken and McDonald's Cheeseburgers are about $1 each; a 20-piece order of Chicken McNuggets is currently $5; and McDonald's is currently offering any sized soft drink for $1 in the area and you're looking at a value of $17 if ordered separately (or more, if not for the current drink promotion).

Other versions of Mickey D's Value Pack have been testing since last year in select markets. They've been offered various price points and with various combinations that include burgers, fries, drinks, and Chicken McNuggets.

McDonald's is also offering a buy one, get one free deal after 9 pm on Big Macs in Southern California.