Feb 28, 2015

Edible Cookie Coffee Cup in the Works in the UK from KFC

KFC has come up with an edible coffee cup for possible deployment over in the UK. According to Metro, they're called "Scoff-ee Cups" and they're biscuit (cookie) cups with an inner lining of white chocolate and an outer wrapping of sugar paper made to look like a Seattle's Best Coffee cup.

The cups are currently under development in partnership with the food scientists at The Robin Collective and are meant to mark (and generate buzz for) the U.K. launch of Seattle's Best Coffee at KFC.

Additionally, they've been able to infuse the cups with different aromas including Coconut Sun Cream, Freshly Cut Grass, and Wild Flowers (not sure I would want the smell of coffee paired with any of these) to evoke positive memories/feelings.

I'm curious as to how long the white chocolate (and then biscuit) lasts once there's coffee or some other hot beverage in the cup (i.e. I wonder how long the cup will last until you have a mess on your hands).

If you're wondering if the folks at KFC would ever do something here in the US, it's very unlikely considering KFC doesn't even serve coffee here.

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