Feb 12, 2015

Review: Papa John's - Double Chocolate Chip Brownie

Papa John's new Double Chocolate Chip Brownie is a family-sized dessert featuring an 8-inch pan of fudge brownie with chocolate chips, baked to order and cut into squares.

I bought one for $6.

There's a good amount of brownie squares to go around. I would say enough for at least four people unless you're really crazy about dessert. For the same price as Papa John's Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie, the brownie goes a lot further in feeding a crowd of people.

These turned out really nice. It was wonderfully moist, dense, and very chocolaty without being too sweet. The density makes a single square go a long way.

My only nitpick would be there aren't that many chocolate chips to go around. I would say it's a fair amount but doesn't really get into chocolate chip cookie territory.

Overall, while Papa John's Double Chocolate Chip Brownie isn't too different from buying a pre-mixed tray of brownie batter from the supermarket and baking it yourself, it's definitely more convenient and quite tasty.

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