Feb 6, 2015

Jones Soda Invades the Soda Fountain

Jones Soda expands their reach with the launch of the Jones Cane Sugar Soda fountain program. They've partnered with a number of foodservice and quick-serve chains across North America to offer their signature sodas from a spout.

The available selection ranges from traditional flavors like cane sugar cola and root beer to the company's signature flavors like Berry Lemonade and Orange & Cream.

Places where you can find Jones Cane Sugar Soda fountains include Glaze Teriyaki, Overwaitea Food Group, Voodoo Doughnuts, White Owl Social Club, Delicatus, Cheba Hut Toasted Subs, Flying Saucer Pizza, Fuddruckers, Nick’s Crispy Fried Tacos, and (coming soon to) Sumo Salads. Other companies may follow as the program expands and craft soda grows in popularity.

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