Feb 17, 2015

Review: Popeyes - Blueberry 'n Lemon Cream Cheese Pie

Popeyes' Blueberry 'n Lemon Cream Cheese Pie features a deep-fried, turnover-style pie filled with blueberries, a hint of lemon, and cream cheese.

I picked one up for 99 cents.

They don't sell a lot of these at my local Popeyes so they're almost always cooked to order. It's about an 8-minute wait but you get a piping hot pie that you have to be careful with lest you get burned.

The crust has that bubbly, crackly, crispy thin shell reminiscent of McDonald's pies of old. It's fairly thick with a softer, flaky layer underneath.

Inside the blueberry filling was surprising on two counts: one, it was only lightly sweetened; and two, there were actually whole blueberries present rather than the usual fruit slurry/jelly filling. It really feels like if you plopped some blueberries, sugar, and water in a pan and reduced it rather than pie filling from a can.

A bulk of the pie's sweetness comes from the tart and lemony cream cheese portion. The two ingredients complement each other really well with a remarkable degree of balance.

Overall, Popeyes' Blueberry 'n Lemon Cream Cheese Pie was delicious and brilliantly executed. Beyond the crispy, flaky crust, the filling really showcases both the blueberry and lemon cream cheese by both contrast and moderation.

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