Feb 4, 2015

Papa John's Offers New Double Chocolate Chip Brownie

In addition to the new Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, Papa John's also has a new dessert: the Double Chocolate Chip Brownie.

The dessert features a pound of fudgey, chocolate brownie with chocolate chips in it. It comes fresh from the oven in a 8-inch pan and is cut into 9 squares for your convenience.

The Double Chocolate Chip Brownie is offered at $6.

As a Valentine's Day bonus, you can also score a free Double Chocolate Chip Brownie when you buy $25 in Papa John's gift cards. The offer is available online only and expires on 2/15/15. The free brownie comes as a promo code (emailed to you) that you can use on your next online order (the promo code expires on 3/15/15).

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