Feb 6, 2015

Wendy's North Pacific Cod Sandwich Returns with a New Sauce

The North Pacific Cod sandwich makes its annual return to Wendy's and picked up a few tweaks along the way: namely, a new creamy dill tartar sauce and pickles.

Along with the new sauce and pickles, you'll find a hand-cut, panko-breaded filet of wild-caught North Pacific cod, lettuce, and a toasted bun. Panko is a Japanese-style breadcrumb that comes in flakes and results in an airier, crispier texture when fried.

The North Pacific Cod sandwich is available for a limited time at participating Wendy's restaurants for a suggested retail price of $3.69 (may vary).

I reviewed the sandwich a few years back and found it rather bland with a weak tartar sauce, so the new version really looks to address those concerns (it's like they read the site or something!).

Nutritional Info - Wendy's North Pacific Cod sandwich (188g)
Calories - 480 (from Fat - 190)
Fat - 21g (Saturated Fat - 4g)
Sodium - 1090mg
Carbs - 51g (Sugar - 7g)
Protein - 18g

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