Feb 8, 2015

New Fire Double Down Offered in Korea

The people of South Korea must really love KFC Double Downs as they keep getting new versions of it. The latest is the new KFC Fire Double Maxx, which features two spicy fried chicken filets sandwiching spicy chili sauce, a slice of tomato, and a slice of cheese.

The burger is part of a larger promotional menu that includes a Fire Burger (chicken sandwich) as well as Fire Chicken.

As if to warn you of the heat involved, the breading on the Fire items have a reddish hue to them.

The Fire Double Maxx costs 4800 won (~$4.37 US). Along with the rest of the Fire menu, it's available through February 26, 2015.

Prior to the Fire Double Maxx, KFC South Korea also offered a Double Down with a beef patty and pork (bacon) in the middle.

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