Feb 23, 2015

Review: Little Caesars - Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep Dish Pizza

Little Caesars' Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza features two squares of their deep dish pizza, each wrapped along the edges with strips of bacon and topped with pepperoni and bits of bacon.

It cost $12 for the pizza.

I'm just going to call this the "Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza" from here on out. Basically, you're paying an extra $4 for enough bacon to cover all 8 sides of the pizzas (as well as the extra prep time).

They could have easily named it the "Smoky Crispy Crust Deep Dish Pizza" or even the "Smoky Crunchy Crust Deep Dish Pizza," because the bacon turned out extra crispy, delivering an audible crunch, which further enhanced the relative crispness of the crust edge. It's also, unsurprisingly, very greasy to hold, so grab some extra napkins.

Tastewise, the bacon was just okay. For all the bacon here, there wasn't a super-bacony, pork flavor to the pizza and some of the strips and bits were burnt. In general, the bacon was a little overcooked (or just right, depending on how you like your bacon) On the plus side, it was decently smoky and surprisingly not too salty.

Beyond the bacon, there was plenty of cheese on the pizza and Little Caesars' blend of Muenster and mozzarella gave it a nice, distinctive flavor. The crust has quite a bit of heft to it and offered an enjoyable pairing of greasy, crispy crust with a dense but spongy crumb (it's kinda like a heavy pillow of dough). The pepperoni was fairly standard but good and hit that ideal point where it's slightly crispy at the edges but not starting to dry out.

In case you have leftovers, the pizza reheats pretty well in a toaster oven or pan, although the bacon loses its crispiness on day two.

Overall, I liked Little Caesars' Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza but less for the bacon than for the extra crispiness it added. I'm not sure I $4-more liked it though, and would probably stick to their regular Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza.

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