Aug 19, 2017

Are "Topped" Ice Cream Pints Next for Ben & Jerry's?

Earlier this year, over in the UK and other parts of Europe, Ben & Jerry's introduced new "Topped" ice cream featuring "spoonable" chocolaty fondant across the top of each pint.

There's a decent chance we in the States might see this in the future given that the Core line also launched in Europe about two years before arriving in the US. Additionally, the Topped line would serve as the brand's answer to Haagen-Dazs' recently introduced Trio line. Where Haagen-Dazs Trio features many thin layers of chocolate, Ben & Jerry's Topped goes with one thick layer of chocolaty or white chocolaty fondant.

Here are the flavors currently available across The Pond:

- Salted Caramel Brownie - Vanilla ice cream, salted caramel, and brownie pieces topped with cocoa-hazelnut fondant and cocoa nuggets.

- Strawberry Swirled -  Sweet cream ice cream with strawberry and marshmallow sauces, and crunchy shortbread cookie pieces, covered with white chocolate fondant and milk nuggets.

- Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough - Chocolate ice cream, caramel sauce, and cookie dough, covered with a cocoa-hazelnut fondant and cocoa nuggets.

Photo via Ben & Jerry's UK.

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