Aug 29, 2017

Review: IHOP - Apple Fritter French Toasted Donut

IHOP's Apple Fritter French Toasted Donut features an apple fritter dipped in vanilla French toast batter, griddled, then topped with sweet cinnamon apples, powdered sugar, and whipped topping.

I ordered the Apple Fritter French Toasted Donut as a Classic Combo, which comes with hash browns, two eggs, and the choice of either two slices of bacon or two sausage links. It came out to $7.69 total.

The Apple Fritter French Toasted Donut comes in a generous portion. There were the requisite nooks and crannies, which soaked up plenty of the French toast batter and delivered fully on the promise of classic French toast flavor, unlike the Bacon & Maple French Toasted Donut. The fritter was nicely moist for the most part, although it was a little dry on the edges.

Unlike a traditional apple fritter, which contains apple chunks within the batter, IHOP's version comes topped with cooked apple slices in a sweet cinnamon sauce. The apples and sauce offered a pleasantly tart counterpoint to the sweetness, which made the dish feel very well-balanced. Again, the cinnamon seemed to be curiously missing.

Overall, I really enjoyed IHOP's Apple Fritter French Toasted Donut. Although it has less components than the other offerings in the French Toasted Donut line, it was well-executed. It really felt like a nice marriage of an apple fritter and French toast that was only lightly sweet.

Nutritional Info - IHOP Apple Fritter French Toasted Donut
Calories - 810 (from Fat - 410)
Fat - 46g (Saturated Fat - 22g)
Sodium - 710mg
Carbs - 87g (Sugar - 45g)
Protein - 12g

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