Aug 25, 2017

McDonald's Japan Offers Roast Beef and Breaded Cutlets for a Limited Time

McDonald's Japan is offering two special burgers during a limited-time campaign that pits Tokyo against Osaka, including a Twitter voting period to put to rest the McDonald's feud between the two regions.

The Tokyo burger features slices of roast beef whereas Osaka's variation makes a breaded beef cutlet the star.

The Tokyo Roast Beef Burger features slices of roast beef on top of a hamburger patty along with lettuce, mayonnaise, and savory sauce between baguette-style buns. A combo with fries and a drink will cost 740 yen, whereas the sandwich a la carte is 440 yen.

There's also a morning option, the Tokyo Roast Beef Muffin, that features the slices of roast beef, lettuce, and American cheese on an English muffin. The breakfast version carries a 430 yen price tag.

The Osaka Beef Cutlet Burger features a breaded beef cutlet in lieu of burger patty, accompanied by a slice of American cheese, lettuce, and special sauce on a standard hamburger bun. Combo price is 690 yen and 390 yen for the sandwich by itself.

Similar to the Tokyo offering, the beef cutlet also makes a breakfast appearance as the Osaka Beef Cutlet Muffin. The breakfast version features the same breaded beef cutlet, cheese, and special sauce on an English muffin for 400 yen.

The burgers released on August 9, 2017 and will be available until early September 2017.

By Renee.

Photo via McDonald's Japan.

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