Aug 28, 2017

Dunkin' Donuts Goes with Maple (and Pumpkin) Flavors for Fall 2017

To go with the typical pumpkin coffees and baked goods this time of year, Dunkin' Donuts adds new maple-flavored menu items for fall 2017, including new Maple Pecan-flavored coffees.

Here's what you'll find on this year's seasonal fall menu at participating locations:

- New maple pecan-flavored coffee drinks - Available for hot or iced coffees, hot or iced espresso-based beverages, Frozen Dunkin' Coffee, and cold brew coffee.

- New Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich - Double-portion of Maple Sugar Cherrywood-smoked bacon plus egg and cheese on a freshly-baked croissant.

- New Festive Fall Donut - A yeast ring donut with red icing and chocolate and orange sprinkles.

- New pumpkin cream cheese spread - Made with actual pumpkin and available on any bagel variety.

- Pumpkin-flavored coffee drinks - Like the maple pecan-flavored drinks, available hot or cold as coffee or espresso-based drinks and also as Frozen Dunkin' Coffee and cold brew coffee.

- Pumpkin Donut and Munchkins - A glazed pumpkin cake donut that is also available as bite-size Munchkins donut holes.

- Pumpkin Muffin - Topped with white icing and sweet streusel crumbs.

Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin-flavored K-Cup and packaged Pumpkin-flavored coffee are also back this fall.

Photos via Dunkin' Donuts.

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