Aug 28, 2017

Starbucks Releases New Turmeric Latte in London

Citing a growing trend of "golden-colored milk", Starbucks introduces the new Latte with Turmeric to the greater London area in England.

The drink features turmeric and spices mixed into milk, which is then steamed and poured over espresso (apparently, Starbucks does latte art in the UK). The turmeric latte can also be made with almond or coconut milk.

Turmeric and golden milk has a history of medicinal use and in recent years has been touted for various (sometimes questionable) health benefits. Turmeric also sees usage as a culinary spice and food coloring. It is a common ingredient in commercial curry powders. Starbucks does not appear to be taking the "it's healthy" route and is more selling the drink on its novel appearance and taste.

The new Latte with Turmeric can be found at almost 200 stores in the greater London area with prices starting at £2.65 (~$3.43 US) for a short.

Photo via Starbucks UK.

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