Aug 1, 2017

Starbucks Releases New Pina Colada Tea Infusion

It was only recently that Starbucks introduced new Tea Infusions but they're already adding to the line up with the release of the new Pina Colada Tea Infusion.

The new drink joins the menu permanently and features black tea, pineapple fruit and botanical blend, and coconut milk. They basically took the Pineapple Black Tea Infusion and added coconut milk to it.

A 12-oz cup of the drink has 60 calories and will run you $3.25 to $3.45 (varying with location).

Starbucks has also brought back the Cascara Latte (first introduced earlier this year) and is featuring it with coconut milk in the Iced Cascara Coconutmilk Latte.

Photo via Starbucks.

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