Aug 27, 2017

Review: Arby's - Smoked Turkey Leg

Arby's Smoked Turkey Leg is available today only at just nine locations across the US (and one happens to be in my area). It features a turkey leg seasoned with salt and brown sugar, smoked, and then slow-roasted.

I went and bought one for $5.99.

Each leg weighs in at just over a pound which amounts to quite a bit of meat. For the most part, the turkey was moist to juicy with the expected dry crust at a few edges from smoking.

There's a really nice smoky aroma and lingering savoriness that permeates the leg throughout. It's quite salty; not so much that it's discomforting but enough that you might consider some bread or rice to go with. It didn't seem sweet despite the brown sugar seasoning.

Don't expect it to be quite as easy to eat as a chicken leg though. You'll generally need to use both hands to get at it; there's six or so spine-like tendons that run the length of the drumstick that you either have to eat around or try and pull/cut out (here's an easy way to cut it out in one go).

Overall, Arby's Smoked Turkey Leg turned out really well. It reminded me of a really nice smoked ham or bacon except that it takes a tad more of an effort to eat. I wonder how well these would sell if Arby's offered them for a longer period.

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