Aug 20, 2017

Jack in the Box Tests New Brisket Burger

Jack in the Box has been spotted testing the new Brisket Burger in at least one location in Escondido, CA.

The new burger features brisket that's been slow-cooked for nine hours, a red wine glaze, and a smoky chili aioli. Also along for the ride are a burger patty, cheese, onion rings, and the same artisan potato bun last seen on the Brewhouse Bacon Burger.

The Brisket Burger fits a trend as brisket has enjoyed some popularity in recent years. After a successful limited-time run, it finds itself a permanent fixture on the Arby's menu. It's also seen some time on the Carl's Jr.'s menu as well as on a pizza at Little Caesars. It's even been tested by Wendy's (on a cornbread bun no less).

The new burger was spotted by Jay at a location not too far from Jack in the Box's San Diego headquarters. It was selling for $5.19 for just the burger and $7.09 for the burger, fries, and a drink.

Photo by Jay.

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