Aug 8, 2017

Little Caesars Tests "Reserve-N-Ready" Pizza Vending Machine for Mobile Orders

Automated pizza pick up in the works at Little Caesars where the company is testing a heated, self-service pick-up "Pizza Portal" for a service that they're calling "Reserve-N-Ready."

The Pizza Portal is essentially a large warming oven with separated pizza slots that works like a pizza vending machine. According to Little Caesars, it is the first "heated, self-service mobile order pick-up station" in the fast food industry.

The way it works is you order and pay for your pizza via the chain's mobile app and will receive a notification through the app when your pizza is ready. You can then go to your local Little Caesars, walk up to the Pizza Portal, and input a 3-digit pin or scan a QR code. Then, the locked compartment with your pizza will open and you can grab it and go.

The Pizza Portal and Reserve-N-Ready system is currently in test at select locations with plans to expand to other markets later this year.

Photo via Little Caesars.

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