Aug 30, 2017

New Cough Drop-Flavored Kit Kats Available in Japan

In perhaps what is one of the weirdest/utilitarian Kit Kat offering ever, Nestle is selling new cough drop-flavored Kit Kats over in Japan.

According to SoraNews24, the new white chocolate candy bars include "2.1 percent throat lozenge powder in every serving." Basically, they mixed ground cough drops into the white chocolate.

The idea seems to be that the new Kit Kats will help soothe your throat as you cheer for your favorite sports team.

They're selling for a limited time at convenience stores across Japan through September 10, 2017 for 140 yen (~$1.27 US) a pack.

In case you're wondering why the candy bars are made by Nestle and not Hershey's like it is here in the States, the Kit Kat brand is owned and produced by Nestle but licensed to a division of Hershey's in the US.

Photo via Nestle Japan.

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