Mar 5, 2019

Sonic Puts Together New Brunch Burger and Cherry Limeade Mimosa

Sonic adds an egg-topped burger for a limited time with the debut of the new Brunch Burger. They also have a new, non-alcoholic Cherry Limeade Mimosa to follow along the brunch theme.

The Brunch Burger features a beef patty, American cheese, bacon, a fried egg, tomato, and mayo on a brioche bun. You can get it with an order of medium Tots for $2.99. There's also a bigger version of the burger called the "Bigger Brunch Burger" that double the beef and costs $4.99.

The Cherry Limeade Mimosa takes the chain's Cherry Limeade and adds a splash of orange juice.

Both the new burger and the drink are available all day.

Photo via Sonic.

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