Sep 1, 2021

Insomnia Cookies Bakes New Breakfast-Inspired Cookies

Insomnia Cookies welcomes the start of the school year by introducing a trio of new, limited-time breakfast-inspired cookies to "help motivate students during those early morning classes, or late-night study sessions."

The three breakfast-inspired flavors include:

- Everything Bagel Cookie - A cookie made with poppyseeds and onion. You can order these with cream cheese and everything seasoning.

- Cinnamon Bun Cookie - A cookie with creamy cinnamon chips, cinnamon, and cream cheese drops.

- Cereal N Milk Cookie (launching September 13, 2021) - A brown butter cookie with Fruity Pebbles cereal, marshmallows, and white chocolate chips.

Photo via Insomnia Cookies.

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