Oct 2, 2023

Burger King Reveals Return of Ghost Pepper Whopper and New Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries

A Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper, Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries, and Ghost Pepper crown.
Burger King reveals the return of the Ghost Pepper Whopper and new Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries for Halloween 2023 starting Thursday, October 12, 2023.

The Ghost Pepper Whopper was first introduced in 2022 and features a flame-grilled beef patty, spicy queso, crispy-fried jalapeƱos, bacon, and ghost pepper cheese, served on a toasted black sesame seeded orange-colored bun (the color comes from paprika), while supplies last (they apparently ran out of the bun when I got it last year).

New Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries offer yet another spicy version of Burger King's Chicken Fries that see them touched with the spicy heat of ghost peppers (other spicy versions in the past have included Spicy Chicken Fries, Fiery Chicken Fries, JalapeƱo Chicken Fries, and more). Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries will be available for purchase in 4-,8-, and 12-piece orders and come with a choice of dipping sauce.

Burger had previously asked fans to vote between bringing back the Ghost Pepper Whopper and introducing new Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries. According to the chain, the results were "split" so they're bringing both items to the menu for a limited time at participating locations nationwide.

As a special Halloween bundle, starting Friday, October 13, 2023 and available through Halloween (October 31, 2023), BK Royal Perks members can access the Trick or Heat Meal Bundle online through the Burger King website or mobile app. The bundle includes a Ghost Pepper Whopper, 4-piece order of Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries, small French fries, small fountain beverage, and Hershey Sundae Pie for $13. A non-spicy version of the deal will also be available (with a regular Whopper and Chicken Fries rather than the Ghost Pepper versions).

Finally, as part of the Halloween festivities, you can get a limited-edition, Halloween-themed Burger King crown with any purchase, while supplies last. The crowns feature a ghost pepper chicken ghost on them.

Photo via Burger King.

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