Oct 5, 2023

Review: KFC - Hot & Spicy Wings

KFC Hot & Spicy Wings in box.

KFC's Hot & Spicy Wings feature spicy marinated wing segments that are double hand-breaded in KFC's Extra Crispy breading.

An order of 8 wings was $4.99 (but I got a bonus wing).

KFC Hot & Spicy Wing with quarter for size comparison.

My batch of Hot & Spicy Wings seemed skewed towards flats with only maybe two drumettes in the mix.

Each wing segment sported a delicately crispy and flaky breading that sat over a notably orange marinade. The marinade gave the wings a substantial amount of nose-running heat to go with a light seasoning. The seasoning and salt was enough to stand on their own but was still neutral enough for dipping in sauce. While the heat of the wings was high for me, the burn didn't linger for long and I wasn't reaching for some milk.

KFC Hot & Spicy Wing cross-section.

Underneath the breading, the chicken was juicy and flavorful down to the bone. I'm guessing they either brined the chicken or left it to marinate enough to penetrated into the meat. 

Compared to KFC's previous Kentucky Fried Wings, the Hot & Spicy Wings are smaller but with a lighter, crispier breading and a good deal more flavor and heat. Compared to the KFC Hot Wings that came before that, the Hot & Spicy Wings are roughly the same size but with a flakier, thicker, crispier layer of breading and still a good deal more spicy heat.

KFC Hot & Spicy Wings close-up of cross-section.

When it comes down to it, KFC's Hot & Spicy Wings turned out really well and, while quite spicy, was enjoyable in both taste and texture throughout.

Nutritional info not available at the time of this writing except for a calorie range of 770 to 850.

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