Nov 8, 2023

Earl of Sandwich Brings Back Holiday Ham Sandwich for 2023 Holiday Season

Earl of Sandwich brings back the Holiday Ham Sandwich as a limited-time menu item for the 2023 holiday season.

A variant on the chain's regular menu Holiday Turkey Sandwich, the Earl of Sandwich's Holiday Ham Sandwich consists of ham, cheddar cheese, yams, and cranberry sauce on fresh-baked artisan bread (it reminds me a little of when Starbucks served a Ham and Stuffing Breakfast Sandwich that one time). In comparison, the Holiday Turkey Sandwich comes with turkey, cornbread stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and mayo.

The price tag on the Holiday Ham Sandwich varies with location but costs $8.99 here in Southern California (and is the same price as most of the chain's other sandwiches here).

The Holiday Ham Sandwich was first introduced by Earl of Sandwich around this time last year.

Holiday ham sandwiches tend to not be as prevalent as holiday turkey sandwiches. Maybe it's because ham doesn't go as well with gravy or maybe it's because turkey really only gets it moment around the holiday season? Both are common enough as deli meat in sandwiches though.

Photo via Earl of Sandwich.

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