Dec 26, 2013

Review: Earl of Sandwich - Holiday Turkey Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich's Holiday Turkey Sandwich features sliced turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce on fresh-baked bread.

I got one for $6.99.

While it's called the "Holiday Turkey Sandwich," it's actually offered year round, which is nice because I love these types of sandwiches. I was eating a couple of similar sandwiches after Thanksgiving and the Earl of Sandwich's version features much of the same components and is every bit as messy.

The Earl's Holiday Turkey Sandwich features plenty of sliced turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

The turkey is more like the stuff you'd get at the deli than sliced off a recently roasted turkey, which means the flavor is nice but the texture lacks a little.

The stuffing is my favorite part of these leftover style sandwiches and the Earl's stuffing packs a lot of flavor, salt, and moisture. It does bear some similar flavors as Stove Top brand stuffing, which some may or may not like.

The cranberry sauce added a sweet and tangy punch and was similar to jam in consistency.

The gravy held it all together with a mild savory note.

The bread feels more like freshly-toasted than freshly-baked. I think what they do with the bread is toast half-baked bread to give it the finishing touches (some browning and crispiness). They have one of those conveyor Turbo Chef ovens for the bread; it's similar to Quiznos' setup, only the conveyor is longer.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Earl of Sandwich's Holiday Turkey Sandwich. It's an after-Thanksgiving classic sandwich with all the fixings and with the added bonus of being around all year round.