Dec 31, 2023

Five McDonald's Pies to Try Around the World in 2023

McDonald's Banana Caramel Pie.
There's a whole world of (mostly fried) McDonald's pies out there so here are five McDonald's pies from around the world that you can try right now in 2023 (if you happen to be in the area of course):

- Banana Caramel Pie - Over in Malaysia, McDonald's serves up the new Banana Caramel Pie, which is a fried turnover-style pie with a dual banana-and-caramel filling.

It's being offered alongside the returning Prosperity Burger, Prosperity McFizz, curly fries, and new Salted Caramel Chocolate McFlurry.

McDonald's Japan Beef Stew Pie.

- Beef Stew Pie - Available in Japan, it's a winter pie featuring a beef and vegetable stew inside of a crispy pastry crust. It's not much to look at but it could be tasty.

- Galaxy Caramel Pie - A Crispy, deep-fried chocolate pastry pie filled with a Galaxy Caramel sauce. Ireland and UK. It's part of the chain's "Festive Food Range" holiday menu. Galaxy Caramel is a chocolate bar with a caramel center.

McDonald's France Mini Red Berries Pies.

- Mini Red Berries Pies - They're very similar to the apple pie here in the States but are served as bite-sized pieces with a non-specific "red fruit filling." I'm guessing they mean strawberries and raspberries but I could be wrong. Mini Apple Pies are also available.

McDonald's Hong Kong Ovaltine McFlurry and Pie.

- Ovaltine Pie - A limited-time pie that features a deep-fried, chocolaty crust with a chocolaty filling available in Hong Kong. It's fitting as McDonald's regularly offers Ovaltine as a McCafe beverage. They're also offering an Ovaltine McFlurry alongside the pie. Ovaltine is a chocolaty malt beverage mix.

Photos via McDonald's in Malaysia, Japan, Ireland, France, and Hong Kong, respectively.

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