Dec 7, 2023

Pizza Hut Looks to Reward Delivery Drivers with "Reverse Delivery" Doormat

Pizza Hut "Reverse Delivery" doormat with a package held over it.
Pizza Hut looks to thank delivery drivers who work to bring your mail and packages during the holiday season with the introduction of the "Reverse Delivery" Doormat, which is a special doormat includes a code that a delivery person can scan when dropping off a package at your door to potentially receive a gift card code from Pizza Hut.

The "reverse delivery" here is that your delivery person will get a delivery in return.

According to the fine print, Pizza Hut will give out a minimum of 4,000 gift cards (the terms do not mention a maximum number) to delivery drivers and the QR code on the mat can be scanned, while supplies last, through December 27, 2023.

As for the "Reverse Delivery" doormats themselves, Pizza Hut has been making 50 available each day at since December 6, 2023. They'll be offered each day through December 10, 2023 on a first-come-first-served basis. A total of 250 doormats will be given out.

Photo via Pizza Hut.

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