Dec 10, 2023

Ikea Introduces Giant Turkey-Sized Meatball in the UK

Ikea's Turkey-Sized Meatball being carved.
Ikea introduces the giant Turkey-Sized Meatball, made serve up to 25 people around the holiday spread, over in the UK. They're calling it a "more affordable alternative to the turkeys and nut roasts we are familiar with." 

However, even if you reside in the UK, you can't buy one from Ikea. The giant meatball is only available via a sweepstakes.

The promotion is meant to highlight Ikea's meatballs as an affordable addition to a traditional Christmas dinner. Also up for grabs as part of the promotion are a number of vegan-friendly Veggieball Christmas Trees, which looks like a vaguely Christmas-tree-shaped stack of veggie balls.

Ikea UK is giving away 60 Turkey-Sized Meatballs and 60 Veggieball Christmas Trees via a sweepstakes from their Instagram that runs through December 12, 2023 (Yes, you have to actually live in the UK to have a chance at winning one). They will also giving giving out one giant meatball per participating Ikea store via a prize drawing on December 11 and 12th. Participants have to search the store for a hidden Turkey-Sized Meatball cutout for a chance to win.

Photo via Ikea UK.

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